“Well, I’m learning it’s peaceful with a good dog and some trees……..”

102_2950There is so much to confront these days if you stay” in the loop”.There is always lots of bad news from the media, dissension among communities, and a general anxiety about the state of the world. So, without retreating entirely, I try to balance staying informed and keeping myself out of the fray as much as I can. Joni Mitchell released a song back in 1972 called “Electricity”, which stated, in part:

“Well, I’m learning it’s peaceful with a good dog and some trees, Out of touch with the breakdown of this Century, They’re not gonna fix it up too easy.”

I now try to immerse myself in the positive things that I have always loved, or have come to love as I have gotten older. These things include spending time with my dogs, listening to only music that soothes or invigorates me, investigating subjects about which I have much to learn, and creating things that make me feel fulfilled (this could be art/craft projects, food, music, or prose).At any rate, I am trying to find meaning and comfort in my little corner of the World, despite what is, and perhaps has always been, going on.

As Dorothy was told, it is always best to start at the Beginning….

Hello! Here I am, starting my first blog. For any of you who are curious, loyal, and strange enough to follow me, I shall do my best to entertain, educate, stimulate, and inspire you. I believe that is what good writing should do, so I promise to try.

I will be changing this format as it unfolds; I will be learning the technology and techniques as I go.

My reasons for starting this blog are several, not the least of which is to feel a small sense of accomplishment each day. I have been told that many people in their 60’s go through a process of self-evaluation that is sometimes depressing and overwhelming. Since I have always been compulsively self-analytical, the reality of my age and the changing sense of time left to accomplish things has hit me hard lately; ergo, my new Blog!