I have a dear friend named Edna Perry. I  remember the first time we met, back in 1977, when she came to my store in Watertown, Massachusetts. Her son was a close friend of mine from college days, and he had told her about my shop, Amorak, which was full of quilts and toys and fabric creations I made. Edna and her darling husband, Jack, stopped by one day to meet me and  to order some custom made cotton placemats. She was a petite, spirited woman, with a quick smile and an infectious laugh. I loved her immediately!

Over the ensuing years, we became good friends and shared many visits, phone calls, and lots of laughter. She was another of my “surrogate Moms”, as I would call my close friends’ mothers, and she would tell me that I was like another daughter to her. I could share my  plans and projects with her, and she was remarkably supportive of my efforts. Whenever I called her, there was a sweet pause of about two seconds, and then she would say my name in a delighted breathy voice…
“Barbara”. I loved that greeting! It had a smile  and a hug in it each time.

Edna raised five wonderful kids, has lots of terrific grandchildren, and had a long loving marriage with Jack. She practiced Yoga long before I really understood its importance.She would always tell me that I should try it, and we would joke about her standing on her head(which she did, regularly). She believed in taking good care of your body and soul, and lived her convictions. She once told me she had chided a lady friend of hers for smoking, and the woman retorted” Oh, Edna…I’ll probably outlive you!”. Edna’s response was, “Maybe so, but I am going to feel good every day of my life”. I remembered that, and it made sense to me.

About a year ago I started practicing Yoga. Edna was my first phone call. She was so happy that I had finally taken her advice! We talked about it each time we spoke this year, and she continues to encourage me.

Edna will be 94 in another week or so. She is currently in the hospital, and facing some tough medical issues. I spoke with her this morning, heard that glorious laugh, and she told me to say some prayers; that if I did, perhaps she” could feel that energy coming to her”. I did, and she will.

I know that I have been fortunate to know Edna Perry. She has been a shining light of love and support on my journey. Namaste, Edna.



Author: barbarabeardsley

Writing is essential for me. My work helps me through so much of Life, and brings me joy and creative fulfillment. I hope you will enjoy reading my stories, essays, and poems.

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