December 30, 2016  brought us a massive Nor’easter that dumped inches and feet of snow throughout New England. My own back deck, pictured above, tells the tale.

Perhaps you can identify with this, no matter where you live. As a Storm approaches, you watch the news, and get more and more agitated with the increasing details. You turn away from it for a while and try to engage yourself in something productive; but there’s something in the atmosphere, the falling barometer, the wind, that engages you. You cannot stay fully committed to your normal activities; the Storm begins to envelop your thoughts. Will the roof hold? Will the huge trees throw limbs at the windows? Will the power we are accustomed to having disappear suddenly, leaving us without the security of warmth and light?

While the Storm rages, you are captive inside your house. It is unsafe to go out, and certainly travelling is out of the question. Where would you go, anyway? You look out your windows and see the accumulation, knowing you will have to deal with all of this when it is over. There will be lots of shoveling, and it will be laborious and unyielding work. You will have to dig your way out of this somehow, and it will be exhausting.

Once the Storm subsides, you must diligently and thoughtfully assess the damage. There will most likely be much more damage than you thought, and you will be on your own to repair it and clean it up. The Good news is that you will be able to see all of it more clearly, now that the Storm has passed over you. And, that is also the Bad news.

Looking out at all of this, we begin to count the weeks and months until this Stormy Weather is over. We hold on tight to our memories of Spring and Summer, and know that if we can hold on long enough, they will come again. Someday.

So, Happy New Year. We can only hope that 2017 is not the tsunami that we fear it will be. We must Keep Hope Alive, and work hard to effect positive changes in the neighborhood in which we live. We must be prepared to take cover if the wind shifts course, and keep a weather eye on approaching Storms.

2016 is over; but stay vigilant, dear readers. I think I heard about a blizzard predicted for the third week in January.


Author: barbarabeardsley

Writing is essential for me. My work helps me through so much of Life, and brings me joy and creative fulfillment. I hope you will enjoy reading my stories, essays, and poems.

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