Love is All Around Us

What could be more nourishing and satisfying to the Spirit than Love? With Valentine’s Day approaching, I feel the need to explore the Magic.

Love is defined in zillions of ways, but what I am thinking about today is the connection we feel with the people and creatures we love.

The other day I was watching my one-year-old grandson playing. He made a funny noise as he was babbling away. I immediately imitated it. He giggled. We started a few minutes of absolute silliness laughing back and forth as I continued imitating his sounds. It was, of course, just a few moments of the day; but the feeling of connecting with his young spirit and mind was undeniable: our first real conversation!

How about when you and your best friend say the same thing at the same time? Doesn’t that feel great? Like someone really GETS you? Then you remember all the reasons why this person is so deeply entrenched in your heart: the common values and interest, the same wacky sense of humor, the loyalty and trust you share. Magic!

We all have these moments. You play with your dog and he knows the game and its rules. Fetch, tug, hide and seek….whatever. The connection is there, and his wagging tail shows how much he loves this interaction. You have grown to know each other in a very special relationship that crosses over the boundaries of species.

Or, you and your Person are watching an emotional scene in a movie. Just as you feel your eyes brimming with tears, he or she reaches over and takes your hand, and maybe passes you a tissue. Magic!

These small connections can go unnoticed. Or, you can pay attention, and this Love that binds us together can be the focus of your day. If you choose to be aware of what comes your way, you will find so many wonderful examples of relatedness in your life.

I hope that you recognize the Love that is, as they say, actually all around us.

Author: barbarabeardsley

Writing is essential for me. My work helps me through so much of Life, and brings me joy and creative fulfillment. I hope you will enjoy reading my stories, essays, and poems.

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